Charlottetown Legion Bingo

Charlottetown Legion Bingo.
Every Sunday and Monday evening, bingo players gather in Comrade's Landing at the Charlottetown Legion for Bingo that starts at 7:00PM. Coffee and tea are always free. Players are very welcome to arrive early to socialize. If you have any questions or comments about Legion Bingo, please email Jason MacIsaac at

The Charlottetown Legion has conducted bingo for 50+ years, as a key revenue generator that enables the branch to remain open in order that it may serve Veterans and Canada in fulfillment of our mission and chosen obligations. An important benefit is the opportunity for the community to meet two evenings a week, and to socialize while enjoying bingo at the Charlottetown Legion.

Also call our Bingo Hot Line at (902) 628-1932 for current prize information.

Bingo Prizes Sunday   Monday
 Game: (starts@7:00pm) Dec 16   Dec 10
 Loonie - Starts at  TBA   $139
 Bonanza $1000 TBA   53# or less
 3-Line Buildup $1000 TBA   28# or less
 Terminator Starts at $1500 20#or less   20#or less
 Hot balls Jackpot Starting @ TBA   $1000
 Full card jackpot Up to $750   Up to $750